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Workshops Á La Carte 

So many people said to us: ‘We’d love to do this workshop but can’t come on that day.’

We listened, and here is our solution: Workshops Á La Carte  at no extra cost! 

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Choose a workshop from our extensive menu
  2. Decide when you want to do it and speak to Birgit
  3. Enjoy!    Click for our simplified process...


If you have a small baby you cannot leave with anybody else and would like to be creative, let me help you arrange a workshop especially for you and bring her/him along.

Talk to Birgit on 07910 251 629

We also run workshops for mums and daughters (10yrs up)

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  • Beach Bling
    Beach Bling
  • Bead Setting
    Bead Setting
  • Copper Shells & Ammonite
    Copper Shells & Ammonite
  • Wire Crochet
    Wire Crochet
  • Amazing Rings
    Amazing Rings
  • Beaded Kumihimo
    Beaded Kumihimo
  • Curly Wurly Cuff
    Curly Wurly Cuff
  • Chainmail
  • Crystal Clay
    Crystal Clay
  • Wire Jig Bracelet
    Wire Jig Bracelet
  • Macrame
  • Stone Setting
    Stone Setting
  • Fine Silver Chain Bracelet
    Fine Silver Chain Bracelet
  • Coiling Gizmo
    Coiling Gizmo
  • Copper Embossing
    Copper Embossing
  • Nail Enamel
    Nail Enamel
  • UV Resin
    UV Resin
  • Herringbone Weave
    Herringbone Weave

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