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Beyond Beading

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Mother & Daughter Workshops/Classes

These are workshops suitable for mothers and children from approx. 10 years 

and especially requested by YOU!


£30 for both

Learn clay basics and make some stunning lentil beads to use as pendants and earrings. Roll the clay into 'sausages' and twist together to create some fabulous patterns or cut out simple flower shapes and layer into gorgeous charms.  We will be baking the clay as we go along so you can take your finished pieces home with you.



Crystal Clay is a  specialist, tacky compound which will hold small charms, crystals and beads in place. You can create gorgeous miniature pictures or stunning 'blingy' patterns and 'paint' them in the colour of your choice. Pendant, ring, earring and brooch blanks are waiting for you to create your own beautiful masterpieces. Materials for one piece of jewellery each included.



An adult project adapted to suit and delight children from approx 10 years up. 

This project will appeal to the artist in you as there is drawing, colouring and some cutting involved, before the plastic shape is shrunk down with a heat gun to less than half its original size. Apart from using flower, butterfly or bird cutters, you can design your own shapes and be as elaborate or simple as you like. Make earrings, pendants, bracelet charms, bookmarks or keyrings - all included in the price.