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To discuss date and time please contact Birgit via the form on the right

or ring on 07910 251 629 before you make a payment.

All workshops include Materials, Loyalty Point and photo instruction leaflet.

4hr Workshops and Longer


4hrs £40

Pull out all the stops and let your creativity and design skills run wild in this resin workshop. We will be working with UV resin, using photographs, special papers, punches, ink stamps, seedbeads and a variety of other materials to create some funky and original pieces of jewellery.



4hrs £40

This is a fascinating workshop which will set you on the road to creating beautiful, delicate jewellery and ornaments with wire and nail enamel. You will learn how to create a wire frame and stretch the enamel between the wires. After several coats and when the enamel is dry, you can finish off your pieces with crystal beads. An enchanting and slightly challenging project. You will be able to make a variety of jewellery and decor like Pendants, Earrings, Hair Pins & Combs etc. (Despite open windows and fans, the smell of the enamel can be quite strong and some of the chemicals in it could be harmful to pregnant women.)



4hrs £40

An exciting workshop for anyone who is up for a special challenge. You do not need any experience, but a basic knowledge of wirework would be an advantage.

You will be guided through techniques like cutting copper sheet, texturing shapes, embossing,  flaming for colour variations and making some really advanced designs. All materials are included and you will be taking home some gorgeous finished pieces like earrings, pendants or charms.



4hrs £45

For all ring enthusiasts out there! No experience necessary. There will be some projects suitable for all levels. Start with a simple little wrap ring and work your way through a large variety of styles like wrap, scroll, cluster, trilogy, solitaire, adjustable to the ultimate piece using basket weave and scrolling techniques. Make your time as challenging or easy as you like and take home a ring for each day of the week. And, of course, there is lots of scope for experimenting.

All materials like copper and silver plated wires and a great choice of beads are included.



4hrs £40

An interesting way of weaving wire rings together into a stunning bracelet. You will be learning three different weaves: European 4-in-1, Byzantine and Box Chain and will have time to complete at least one bracelet, possibly two. We will be cutting the rings for the 4-in-1 pattern ourselves, and rings for Byzantine and Box will be provided in a variety of metals. An afternoon of bliss for any ‘chainmailer’, a little bit more challenging for those new to it.

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 4hrs £40

Make Angels, Stars, Snowflakes, Canes, Bookmarks, Earrings and lots more for Christmas decorations or presents. There will be a wide choice of beads and components, and together with all the pretty projects, you will be so busy! We will be celebrating with mulled cider (or apple juice) and mince pies. More pictures here.

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Join me for a really absorbing and exciting project. We will be cutting out flower components from natural veg tan leather, shape them, dye them, varnish them and assemble them with rivets into beautiful layered flowers. Dyes can be mixed into a variety of colours, rivets range from silver, copper, brass to crystal. Flowers can be used for pins, hair accessories, bag charms, bookmarks and whatever other uses you can find.




No experience necessary.

You will be learning wire twisting techniques to make a beautiful gemstone and crystal bonsai tree (see photo gallery). This can be anchored in a pretty little pot or mounted on a natural rock. The assembled tree will be approx. 7 inches high and a perfect gift for anybody. You could, of course, keep it all for yourself as a pretty ornament which does not need any maintenance like a real Bonsai, and use your newly learned skills to make more trees at home.

All materials like wires, gemstone chips, crystals, mini plant pot, gravel, rocks etc. are included in the fee and workshop tools are provided - no need to bring anything.

This project is suitable for anyone, no previous experience necessary.



6hrs £60

Materials & Refreshments included

Forget about the activity to keep children happy in the holidays and make something really grown up. Apart from clay basics like conditioning and Skinner blend you will learn how to make canes to slice and use as decoration on beads, simple flowers and fabulous pendants. We will be baking the clay as we go along and finish off with polishing and getting a nice high gloss on the pieces. Creative and surprising! More Pictures here


Join us for a day of


6hrs £60

Materials & Refreshments included

Use a special tool called a Coiling Gizmo to make a variety of wire beads and fit together into some stunning jewellery. Large variety of wire colours and beads available. Make necklace, bracelet, bangle, earrings etc. Workshop tools supplied, so no need to bring anything. More info here




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