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Sunday 5 August 5-9pm


Pull out all the stops and let your creativity and design skills run wild in this resin workshop. We will be working with UV resin which cures under ultraviolet light and will be ready for you to take home straight after the workshop.

Apart from photographs, special papers and seedbeads, we will be using punches, ink stamps, and a variety of other materials to create some funky and original pieces of jewellery. Wooden blanks of varying shapes as well as metal pendant, ring, bracelet and earring shapes will be available. All tools and materials are provided, no need to bring anything. Any unused resin can be taken home and there will be some FREE blanks!  If you have done this class before, you will get a discount of £5

Code: UVRESIN0508

PREVIEW AUTUMN 2018 - Dates Coming Soon



This is a day of Metal Stamping to give you plenty of time to learn the technique and make some fantastic pieces. The project is suitable for everyone, even if you have not done any wire or metal work before.

Metal stamped tags and jewellery are fashionable and can be personalised to make truly unusual presents. Stamp your own message or design on metal blanks and make items like bracelets, bangles, pendants, bag charms, key ring tags, bookmarks etc. 

You will be working with aluminium and copper blanks and learn how to design the layout of your pieces (especially if you want to make a mandala pattern), how to work with metal alphabet and design stamps in various sizes to stamp the design into the metal, apply colour and polish to a high shine or how to achieve a lustre finish. 

There will be some ready cut blanks, but you can also cut your own shapes out of metal sheet. The finished pieces make a perfect personalised gift, or keep them to remind you of some wise words you would like to bear in mind.

Leather flower bag charms, bookmark blanks and chain to finish your items can be purchased. Blanks and pieces of sheet metal are included in the price.

I can only take maximum 4 people so I can give lots of attention to everyone. 

More pictures coming soon.



More details coming soon

This is a step towards traditional silversmithing – a very exciting project. Fuse fine silver wire into rings to make a stunning pendant or earrings. Shape, hammer and texture the rings. Add beads on balled silver headpins. 

Materials for further pieces of jewellery can be purchased on the day.



4hrs £45

An exciting workshop for anyone who is up for a special challenge. You do not need any experience, but a basic knowledge of wirework would be an advantage.

You will be guided through techniques like cutting copper sheet, texturing shapes, embossing,  flaming for colour variations and making some really advanced designs. All materials are included and you will be taking home some gorgeous finished pieces like earrings, pendants, charms etc.


In Preparation:

COPPER & ALUMINIUM ETCHING: we will be etching beautiful, intricate designs into copper or aluminium to create some stunning bangles, pendants or earrings.

COPPER CUFF: Shape your own bangle from a strip of copper sheet, learn how to file, rivet, texture, punch holes, stamp shapes or letters into it and make a beautiful cuff.




 This is a project where some experience working with wire could be an advantage but is not necessarily essential. We will be making a leaf shaped wire frame with copper wire, hammer this to give it stability and use thin wire to wrap in a variety of beads, gemstone chips and crystals  to fill the shape. There is lots of scope to use your imagination and create a unique design. Because of the nature of the thick 'needle', the pin can be worn on loosely knitted materials. If you are not into pins, you can adapt the project and make a stunning pendant. A pretty item to sparkle in the Spring sun or brighten a dull day. Two items included in the price.




This is a fascinatingly simple way to make some gorgeous jewellery. We will be experimenting with different gauges of wire and link sizes to make some very individual designs. Also hammering, texturing, patinating will be applied (time permitting) to set your piece apart from all others. An exciting and absorbing workshop for everyone. 

Discount: £5 off if you want to book for the Sterling Silver Bracelet on Saturday 10th March and have attended this workshop.




will run after Easter

Yet another leather workshop, but there you are, leather is an incredibly versatile artistic material. This time we will be burning patterns into veg tan leather with a small burning iron. If you would like to 'play with fire' and design some unusual bracelets, keyrings or pendants, this is your chance. Design your own pattern or picture and dye your finished design with the colour of your choice. More pictures coming soon.




This is for anyone who likes a statement piece. You may have made one of the small suncatchers, but this is a bit different – thicker wire, beads, crystals and gemstone chips and a beautifully hammered frame. There will be a huge variety of suitable beads, crystals and gemstone chips available. Anyone can make this, no experience needed!


                                   GEMSTONE SUNCATCHER £25

Make a beautiful Suncatcher by learning how to create a wire tree in the middle of a copper frame and threading your own choice of real gemstone chips and crystals onto the branches.  A soothing and satisfying project. 

Perhaps time to think of Christmas presents?

Code: SUN



An interesting way of weaving wire rings together into a stunning bracelet. You will be learning two different weaves: Full Persian Chain and Box Chain and will have time to complete at least one bracelet. Rings to complete one bracelet will be provided. An afternoon of bliss for any ‘chainmailer’, a little bit more challenging for those new to it.

Code: MAIL



Just when you thought you have done the 'leather thing', this comes along! Apart from cutting out beautiful flower, butterfly, heart, leaf and feather shapes on a die cutting machine, embossing them choosing from a large variety of patterns, and carving on details, we will be dying the shapes with leather dyes mixed to exactly the shade you want. The shapes will then be assembled into layered flowers, riveted together and used for brooches, bracelets, bookmarks and more. Another part of the workshop is, burning patterns into the leather with a pyrography iron and making some beautiful bracelets, earrings, bookmarks etc. 

A fascinating and absorbing workshop for crafters, designers, artists and anyone who just wants to try out something different.




Coil wire around dowels of varying sizes and tease into a flower shape. With a little bit of practice you can make some beautiful earrings and necklaces or pendants from copper, silver plated or coloured aluminium wire.




This is a project for experienced wire workers.

Learn two different ways of setting undrilled stones or cabochons. The twisted wire frame setting is a simple, quick way to set stones. The basket weave setting takes a bit longer and is more challenging, but the effort is well worth it. You will have a choice of copper or silver plated wire, and there is a large selection of beautiful semi-precious stones.

The results are simply stunning! Wires and two stones included.

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has some experience working with wire.

All tools and materials are provided, so no need to bring anything (unless you already have a stone you want to set).




Suitable for experienced wireworkers.

For this gorgeous copper cuff we will be using wire weaving techniques, hammering, texturing, and eventually patinating and polishing. An all-round project. Wire for one cuff included.




Learn how to crochet with thin wire and make a beautiful, lacy, choker type necklace.

It really looks more complicated than it is. You will be a step ahead if you already know how to crochet a simple chain stitch, but even if it is your first time, you will be surprised how quickly you can pick up this fascinating technique.

There will be a wide choice of beads and real gemstone chips available, giving you a sheer endless combination to suit your design. These necklaces make stunning presents.

The technique provides the basis to creating your own beautiful designs and progress to more complicated variations. 




No experience necessary.

Learn the traditional method of knotting a string of pearls or beads with silk cord. Originally each pearl was knotted onto the cord individually to prevent loss should the cord break.

There will be a wide choice of freshwater pearls, glass and stone beads as well as silk cord colours. Though a straight forward technique, you can still create an unusual design depending on your combination of colours and beads, or you can go for the classic look of individually knotted pearls/beads.

Code: KNOT



After making a braided keyring to get into the swing, you will learn how to add beads to the braid and use this Japanese technique to make a gorgeous beaded bracelet. There will be a huge variety of seed beads and crystals to choose from as well as some stunning clasps - all included.




Learn to make your own jewellery and presents in just one session!

By the end of the session you will know how to use pliers to cut wire safely, form loops and open/close loops to fit beaded links together into your very own jewellery creations. There will be a large variety of colours, shapes and styles to choose from.

We will be making a set of earrings, pendant and possibly bracelet if time permits, which are free for you to take away as all materials are included in the price. You will also receive a handout with step-by-step photographed instructions, and a loyalty card.